Costa on the Multistrada


Happy times in Lanzarote.

Costa’s on his way back from the press launch of the new Ducati Multistrada in Lanzarote and is mightily impressed, saying that Ducati is right on the money with the claims that they’ve made about this bike.

The first thing of note is its remarkably plush suspension that will be great for the rougher Canadian roads we have. As for whether it’s several bikes in one he reckons that there’s a little bit of superbike in it regarding handling and power but a whole lot of touring capability.

It’s also very stable and handles dirt roads so well that, well … your confidence levels get quite high and you can get a little … err, stupid. Suffice to say that Costa may have had a CMG moment.

But that’s all we have to say right now. All the sordid details in next week’s feature.


  1. I’ve read rumors of 796 or 848 baby Multistrada’s coming out as well. Of course all the information comes from ‘very reliable’ sources :roll

  2. Well, they’ve managed to de-uglify the front end (somewhat). The continued use of the 17″ front wheel continues to realistically fit the actual useful arena for a bike like this, which really doesn’t include any serious off-road conditions (I mean, sure, you can take just about anything off road, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea). But I think you’re right, it will be expensive with the liquid-cooled superbike engine in it. The previous Multistrada used the air-cooled engine, didn’t it?

  3. I wonder when a cheaper version using a less powerful air cooled engine will be available? As nice as the 1098 engine is I think it is too much for this kind of bike and it makes the bike too expnsive as well.


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