Szoke heads to Big Red


Jordan has raced with Honda before.

What’s happening
in the Parts Canada Superbike series, other than the schedule, is still
something of a black mystery. On a factory level, only BMW has committed with
riders Francis Martin and Mike Ferreira.

Yamaha officially announced it was out
of the series, Suzuki hasn’t uttered a peep, Kawasaki has contracted out a
greatly-reduced effort to Mike Crompton’s Competition Systems with rider Alex
Welsh — and as this is written, only three months before the first race at the
Mirabel ICAR Circuit near Montreal May 30, that’s about it for confirmed

Looked like a
privateer’s dream year coming up, especially with teenage phenom Brett
McCormick announcing he’ll be racing in the U.S. series this year with the
Picotte Racing team he was with last year, and five-time Canadian champ Jordan
Szoke having announced no plans.

That may have
changed, however, with Honda tossing its hat — albeit maybe a small homburg
rather than a large Stetson — back into the ring. It was already known that
Honda would continue to again support 16-year-old Jodi Christie on a CBR600RR
(he plans to run both the SportBike and Superbike classes), but now it’s about
99% that Jordan Szoke will return to Honda on a superbike. He last raced for
the Big Red team in 2004 and 2005, when he finished second and fourth overall.
He was teamed with Scott Miller’s Fast Company team, who’ll prep the bikes for
him again this season.

Honda Canada Senior Manager,
Motorcycle / Power Equipment Division Warren Milner
confirmed to CMG February 27 that as far as Honda was concerned, Szoke will be
racing a CBR1000RR in the 2010 series. "There has been a verbal agreement on
both sides so it is official as far as we are concerned although papers haven’t
been signed yet," said Milner.


  1. you’re very right. I’ve always wanted to buy a Kawasaki because of Mr.Szoke and the success that he’s had on one. I’ve met Mr. Szoke a few times (we share the same tattoo artist), and I honestly couldn’t believe it when I heard that Kawi dropped their best rider. For them to treat him like this after so many years and so many wins (wins they never would’ve gotten without him) is just rediculous. For that reason, in a year when I was actually going to buy a bike after years of waiting, I’ll *NEVER* buy a Kawisaki. They’ll never make up for it in my mind…

  2. Kawasaki should hang their head in shame. What a crap way to treat a loyal employee who literaly put his life on the line racing for them. I’ll never ride a Kawasaki again. Keep your head up Jordan, I wish you well and hope you kick a@s again this season. God bless Canada.

  3. and five-time Canadian champ Jordan Szoke

    Small Statistic Correction:
    12 time National Champion
    6 Superbike (4 in a row 06-07-08-09)
    4 Sportbike (4 in a row 06-07-08-09)
    1 CMA Trials
    1 250 GP


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