Buell 1190RR shown


Erik Buell Racing has produced its first new motorcycle, the 1190RR. Based on the 1125R and RR platform, the new model moves engine displacement up closer to the AMA Superbike limit for twins and the World Superbike overall limit.

The 1125 motor is disassembled at the Buell shop, then blueprinted, and new components are installed. The chassis is updated with improved adjustability and comfort.

Dry weight is 360 lb (163 kg). The 1190RR should produce 185 rear wheel horsepower at 11,500 rpm and 93 lb-ft of torque at 9,500 rpm.

Although it’s not approved yet for AMA racing, the 1190 is legal in other racing classes around the world.


  1. I am sure the brake is under patent. As a result you will not see other manufacturers using it. And they do work great, why do you think XBR bikes are so popular as stunt bikes.

  2. So we know bike design better than Eric Buell?
    Maybe some of us are that capable but this reeks of armchair designers syndrome.
    I have heard that the overall wheel/brake assembly is lighter with this design. The Buell wheel can be lighter as the spokes have been relieved of having to transfer brake torque and there is no second disc. I don’t find it hard to imagine this setup might have it’s virtues although I guess we will have to wait and see if other manufacturers copy the idea to prove it’s validity … just like the under engine muffler setup which Buell certainly championed.

  3. The disadvantage is that moment of inertia increases at the fourth power of radius.
    I= mass*radius^4
    The big disk might be lighter, but the increase in moment of inertia is much greater.
    Oh by the way: CHEATER BIKE!!! ARRGGHHH

  4. It could be the paint but it doesn’t look ugly! As for the brakes I suspect to run at the very front they would have to upgrade to a more conventional set up from Brembo or Nissin.

  5. I’ve never ridden one, otherwise I agree with TK, most tests I’ve read never revealed any notable advantage in that brake setup. The fact that it hasn’t caught on says something too.

    Hey, I’ve owned BMW’s so I like different, but I like better best.

  6. Why is it that there is always someone has to find fault in brave efforts? If that brake was on a Honda there would be no question.
    Look for the positive and celebrate when conventional thinking is challenged. The brave lead the way and the meek whinny complainers drag everyone down a notch.
    This whole Olympic experience has surely proven this idea. With all the negative comments coming out in the beginning, then the subsequent battle over so many challenges to the ultimate final rush of victory. An example to us all.
    Thank you for your time, I will now step down from my podium. 🙁

  7. The ZTL brake setup reduces unsprung weight by something like 7 pounds vs conventional brakes and wheel. ZTL is a brake and wheel combo, not just the caliper and rotor.

  8. But the brakes don’t work any better than a conventional setup, so what’s the point ? Difference for the sake of being different ?

  9. Obvious – you have never ridden a 1125 or you would know those breaks are solid – TOL baby that means the latest can only be better! 8)

  10. With the same dumb-*ss front brake (?)
    Jeez, Eric couldya quit tilting at windmills for a little while and just colour inside the lines, please ???

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