End of the Ride!


The sidestand is down … and locked

A long-standing and popular podcast for motorcyclists will shut down on Mar. 1.

Ride!, which was featured on BlogTalkRadio was a 30-minute podcast with interviews and comments about the world of motorcycling.

It was produced by Toronto resident Adrian Blake and featured conversations with some well-known motorcycling names, such as Erik Buell, Jason Britton, Ted Simon, Bar Hodgson, Jordan Szoke, and Zero Motorcycles founder Neil Saiki.

Blake, who is a writer and PR specialist, says he will continue to write a national newspaper column about motorcycles and will look for other motorcycle-writing projects.
"Ride! was a labour of love that also gave me some very valuable podcasting experience and tapped into my long-time interest in broadcasting," he told CMG. "Time was a big factor in discontinuing the podcast — it takes a lot of time and energy to research, produce, host, and do the PR — and the fact that it was a non-paying gig. I’m actively looking for a paid podcasting position in addition to writing projects that tap into my passion for motorcycling."

The show first aired on Oct. 24, 2007, and was heard over its more than two years of activity by listeners in more than 35 countries. Topics included women in motorcycling, superbike racing, preserving vintage bikes, the racing at Bonneville, off-road riding advice, and plenty more.

Archived shows will be available at adrianblake.com.


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