Yamaha closing factories


Yamaha in Japan has announced that it will close seven factories around the world and lay off 1,000 more people.

The company suffered a loss of $2.4 billion U.S. last year.

A Yamaha spokesman said the company is already in the process of cutting 10 per cent of its worldwide workforce, about 17,000 people, and this latest cut will be in addition to that, according to the Singapore Straits Times newspaper.

Five Japanese factories will be closed by 2012, and one Italian motorcycle factory and one Florida plant that produces marine parts will also be closed.


  1. Max, man, you sure put in a lot of effort bringing in every stereotype possible. It’s always facinating to me when I see an “enthusiast” try to slag other enthusiasts, makes one wonder what their motivation or insecurity is…

  2. The fact is that it doesn’t matter what kind
    of machines a manufacturer is building. All of
    them are experiencing difficulties especially
    in the North American Market. Many dealers will
    go under in 2010 both here and in the US. We have
    not seen the end of the problems yet . . . .

  3. I like Harleys … but it is fun to see who you can upset.
    I have a 1995 Buell :cry which has been the object of plenty of ridicule … I need to vent somehow.


  4. Why do I have a Harley? Well, let’s see…..

    I like to take my ole lady for rides and feel her big twins pushing into my back. She kinda likes it too….always makes for a fun night afterwards. Especially if she’s naked underneath her leather jacket with the PROPERTY patch on it. You know: Gets us in the “mood”.

    I like to go out in the garage and look at it. It looks real neat just sitting there in my spotless garage with the black & white checkerboard tile floor that I paid megabucks for just so I would have a place to sit and stare at the bike.

    I needed an outlet for all of the extra money that I have. I have TONS of money and needed something to waste it on.

    My neighbors think I’m cool, because elderly men my age usually don’t ride Harleys and surely wouldn’t waste their retirement funds on such a frivolous thing.

    We can go to bike rallys and act like fools, getting semi-naked and spending lots of money buying Harley Tshirts and stuff in the process. You can still do those things without a bike of course, but you always have a bigger crowd for company acting like a bunch of fools right along with you at a rally.

    Since I also have jap bikes I can come on forums and act like a biker, ask silly questions, make stupid comments and read the threads posted by a bunch of H-D hatin’ underachiever wannabes with their biker on a budget rides (that they probably got financed through the bank) that bitch and squawk about my ignorance for even owning such an evil and expensive contraption like a Harley. When I’m riding my jap bikes I like to wear Harley Tshirts becuz that really messes with everybody’s heads.

  5. I’d offer to comment, but I can’t get out of my shell. :grin

    They did win MotoGP and WSB last year.

    I’m sure things will work out, heck even if all motorcycle manufacturers disappear forever, we can still ride Harleys … cough.
    I like leather and would dig being the chick magnet that all Harley riders know they are.

  6. Perhaps it is because Yamaha isn’t a one-trick pony that now only produces rolling anachronisms? Just a guess… Was that snide enough?

  7. So where’s all the snide comments and “the sky is falling” predictions from the peanut gallery on this one? Oh, wait, that’s right… it’s YAMAHA they’re talking about, not Harley. My bad.

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