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Helmet Hooker at work

When steel fabricator Mark Wong gave up the big city life and moved to a farm in southern British Columbia a decade ago, he brought a love of motorsports with him.

And because he had a collection of helmets that always seemed to be lying around on some bench, Wong eventually put his fabrication talents to work on the problem.

Wong is an artist and runs a gallery at his farm near Princeton, B.C., and so the result is a helmet hanger that blends functionality and artistry, a neat-looking and useful item.

It’s called the Helmet Hooker, it’s made of cold drawn steel and then powdercoated, and it forms a simple hook with a circular top on which your helmet rests. Attach it to your wall and your helmet will have a place to live whenever it’s not doing its duty, and there’s an attachment for gloves and other items, too. And it’s made in Canada, actually made here. Wong says the hook and hanger are produced at a metalwork shop near Vancouver and he assembles the final product on his farm.

The Helmet Hooker is only available in a few dealerships at the moment, but if demand grows, you’ll see it in more.
If you want one, bug your dealer to get some – they go for $49.99. See helmethooker.com for more info.


  1. I own a couple Helmet Hookers and like them alot.What a great way to dry out your helmets after use,and to show off the graphics alot of helmets have. I dont mind spending a little money to protect what I have spent on good helmet.

  2. Fifty bucks???

    Geez, I found an old wooden coatrack at a yard sale for five bucks, removed and relocated a few of the large, wooden coat hooks and now have a helmet and glove rack that holds eight lids, several pairs of gloves and takes up less than one square foot of space in the office.

    Keep the visors open and the lids air out quite nicely.

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