American Chopper ends


A father-and-son moment at OCC

Paul and the boys are going down the road for the last time on Thursday, as American Chopper presents its final show on TLC.

There’s been some bad blood between Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Jr. at Orange County Choppers, and following Junior’s departure from the show and Paul Sr’s decision to sue his son over some stock, they just can’t get it together.

American Chopper ran for seven years and was immensely popular for the quarelling of cast members as they built custom motorcycles.


  1. At the beginning it’s was funny but after 7 years of demolition of furniture cars truck etc… I’m not laughing anymore.

    It’s so stupid to damage a truck for a couple of thousands bucks when some people watching the show are struggling in their lifes. Or the fight between Jr and Sr it’s like turning in a circle.

    No now it’s time to turn the lights off the show lasted 5 years too long.

  2. I watched the show as I thought it was good comedy with a motorbike twist.The ornamental iron background was evident in most of their builds!I must say I was very impressed with the fire hydrant replica carb on the FDNY bike.The bikes themselves were virtually unrideable if not even DOT compliant but the Teutal’s sure unleashed a whole industry which lasted far longer than I thought possible.Only in America eh!

  3. How will we ever know if anything Designer Paul Jr. creates ever makes it into production? I was looking forward to Paul J Designs Dog Toys and Ruger Rifles flooding the market.
    And Mikey the Artist. His paintings from ReHab are especially valuable now. Think of all that lost philanthropy !
    Paul Sr. So sad to see such a crushed personality.
    When will his pain ever end ?

    “Lost” has managed to recreate itself … Im waiting for the fan outrage to do the same for OCC
    There are too many loose ends left dangling

  4. Entertaining for the first couple of years, then not so much. I still thing the Brough look-alike they built for Jay Leno was one of the best.. and the Caterpillar bike.

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