New CMG Homepage


The new homepage – shuffling real estate.

Hopefully you’ve noticed the revamped CMG homepage (if not, go back, observe, rub chin, think happy thoughts, return) with its greater emphasis on the main weekly feature.

We figured that since the main feature is the biggest amount of work each week, it should get the biggest amount of real estate.

This has lead to a couple of other mods; obviously the news has been squashed in a bit but we’ve also added a new ad format (the Big Box) but removed the old Skyscraper ad that used to sit (rather awkwardly) on the lower right of the home page.

Currently under the main feature splash image we’ve put the last two features in smaller images, though we may change this (just in case you were wondering). And finally the Community Section has been cleaned up and can be found in its usual place under the features are. Oh yes, and there’s another sticky image.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome (unless they’re negative, then they’re not welcome but will be tolerated). Okay, that’s in. Carry on with whatever you were doing.


  1. We’re happy to bring you a new look for the CMG home page, but worries about 21st century literature’s most vital component are in vain. Friday Fudge survives! And will be bigger and better than ever. Just give us a moment … Uh, why did the calf cross the road? To get to the udder side, of course.

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