Polaris buys Swiss motors


Swissauto Powersports 200 hp V4

Polaris has bought a Swiss company that has built some powerful and very light MotoGP engines.

Swissauto Powersports was founded in 1987 and has built a 500 cc V4 two-stroke motor that weighs 39 kg, makes 200 hp, and "drove 29 wins, 41 Poles and 3 World Championships during the 1990s," according to a press release. The company also makes four-stroke motors and in the 1990s developed a motorcycle that competed against bigger Japanese bikes, took a pole position twice, and finished in the top 10 a few times.

Polaris says it has worked with Swissauto Powersports in the past and has used a four-stroke engine developed by the Swiss company in its snowmobiles.

The acquisition could lead to better motors for Victory motorcycles as well as an improved presence in the European market for Victory.


  1. Wow, looking at those heads you swear it came off the Liberty 700 twin. I would assume such a purchase would mostly benefit the ATV and snowmobile divisions

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