Trike's electric potential

sm_urbanjet.jpg A Delaware company, C&C Technologies, has come up with an electric three-wheeler project that offers the potential of superbike-like performance.

The Urban Jet would be an enclosed double-seater in what they call a "bobsled" layout with total maximum power "equivalent to a super car."

The chassis would be composed of aluminum honeycomb, carbon fibre, and bulletproof Aramid fibre, the dash would be iPod-modern, the power would be delivered by two electric motors, and performance would brisk: 240 km/h top speed and zero to 100 km/h in about 3.5 seconds. Range would be 350 km before a standard plug-in type charge was needed.

What makes it as much motorcycle as car, however, is its handlebar steering and 45-degree tilt capability.

The company plans to run a "bare chassis" road tester this year, but a production plant has not been set up and everything is dependent on getting the money to build the Urban Jet.

It’s hard to say how much this tidy little vehicle will cost you, and the "Pre-Orders" page is "under construction," which is more than we can say about the actual vehicle.

Still, it’s another company attempting to build an electric vehicle that offers more than economy and clean emissions, so we wish them good luck.

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