McCoy back in MotoGP


McCoy (left) and Hopkins, back in the day

Garry McCoy returns to MotoGP this year, riding for the Italian FB Corse team.

McCoy spent 2008–2009 in World Superbike competition and last competed in MotoGP in 2006.

He signed a contract with the FB Corse team on the weekend.

John Hopkins was expected to ride for the FB Corse team, but recently signed with M4 Suzuki to race in the AMA Superbike series.

Update (Feb 2nd):

McCoy will in fact be riding a MotoGP bike for FB Corse, but it won’t be Ducati powered. The machine will have an inline triple developed by the Oral Engineering Group. The engine was reportedly designed originally for BMW’s MotoGP project before the German firm dedicated its resources to World Superbike.


  1. One of the more entertaining riders in recent memory. I always enjoyed watching Mr. Squiggly lighting up the rear tire exiting cormers!

  2. Just to correct you, McCoy is not riding a Ducati, he is riding a bike developed by FB Corse. The engine was reportedly the left over of the BMW development into MotoGP a couple years ago.

  3. Onya Gaz! You showed good progress on the Triumph and now you have a good bike under you, we can expect some exciting times this year.

  4. Go McCoy! I hope this works out for him, few have mastered the Ducati and he’s getting a little old to be tossing himself down the road figuring it out.

    p.s. he was on the Triumph last year in SS, I was a little disappointed when they announced next year’s team without him.

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