Yamaha shows the FZ8


Apple revealed its Next Big Thing today, which one CBC reporter said was "bigger than the wheel." Indeed, whatever it was, it was likely a useful device.

However, if you still think the wheel is the Biggest Thing Ever, you might be more interested in this, the first officially let-out full-body picture of Yamaha’s new FZ8.

The motorcycle manufacturer had hoped to let information about this new model out in bits and bytes, but a leaked photo and Internet gossip have prompted Yamaha to show us a full-body picture.

We won’t insult your intelligence by explaining what you can see for yourself, but the bike does look like a good replacement for the much-loved FZ6.

Now feast your eyes, Readers, and say, "Eat that, Apple!"


  1. Wowwee…chunky tires, upside-down forks, curvy bodywork, and those bendy pipes like the original CB400F Super Sport. I LIKE IT. :zzz

  2. yawn …

    … another ubiquitous bike for the homogenized masses … an efficient appliance … a successful industrial design …

    I do realize that I’m in the minority here as this bike has received so much response. It is lonely out here in the wilderness.

  3. I’m completely with you Johnniephatt. Dumb manufacturers and their useless passenger-less designs. I too, have been looking at Bonnevilles OUT OF DESPERATION ALONE. Other ??s Why can’t OEMs figure out windshield problems? Why can’t OEMs make handlebars & footpegs that are adjustable? Or controls that are adjustable? Imagine a non-adjustable mirror ! Why can’t BMW build an 800R with belt drive as in its earlier instantiatons? Engineering at OEMs suffers from a lack of experience of riding the bikes they design. Moto-journalism also suffers from a superficiality, ‘cept CMG of course.

  4. why do they seem to have completely given up on the idea that you may want to take a passenger along
    why bother with rear seats at all
    Stupid mfgs
    somehow a slow staid Bonnie is looking to be my only choice left for a next bike
    the horror

  5. I prefer the under seat exhaust system of my ’05 FZ6. Also, if manufacturers (not just Yamaha) insist on a side mounted can, why do they make them look like such crap? Is there some sort of contest going on that we aren’t aware of… “Design the ugliest sport exhaust”? As far as the wind protection goes, I got rid of my stock shield in the first year and went with a Givi touring version which was about 3 inches higher and provided excellent protection. I am sure that the new FZ8 will attract modifications as well.

  6. I hope it will come here. I think I might be seriously interested in the half-faired version, assuming the price point is right and Yamaha has the fuel injection and suspension properly sorted. Should be possible to get a nice even 100 RWHP or so out of 800cc while still providing a reasonable mid-range.

  7. I take it there will be 2 or more versions of this bike? I was just looking at the photo of the fairing in CMG News and this one don’t have one. Which would be cool if you want a stripped down price bike or a bike to replace your aging VFR but don’t want to pony up large coin for the 1200. I like the idea of 700-900cc four UMJ. Hope the price is right, could be the beginning of a new (yet old) class of bike.

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