Ride and win with Konker


Konker Motors is running a contest to promote the KSM200 street bike. Ride more than any other KSM200 owner by next summer, and you’ll win a spare bike.

The Vancouver distributor is calling it the "Spin Your Rim to Win" contest and offers a KSM200 as first prize, as well as other prizes of parts and accessories for monthly winners.

KSM200 riders can win monthly prizes that include a bolt-on 250 cc big-bore kit and other parts and accessories.

Even if you don’t own a KSM200, you can enter the contest and vote for your favourite rider.

Riders will blog about their rides and send in photos, so it should be entertaining. See www.konkermotors.com for more.


  1. Consider the lottery. People do not buy tickets with the expectation of winning – we buy so that we can DREAM about winning. It gives us license to imagine ourselves rich & spreading the wealth.

    Your contest could have allowed thousands of new riders to dream about ripping around on a nice little bike. This is what ALL advertising attempts to do. Get the buyer into the picture. Get enough people thinking about your product, and some will go out and buy it for themselves. It’s a numbers game, and the best advertising maximizes the number of dreamers for the least material outlay.
    – thanks.

  2. Thanks for responding, Allan.

    I agree that showcasing real customers is a good idea. Having real customer testimonials on your web page could only help dispel the “Chinese=cheap” stereotype still operating here. I also think methods of customer appreciation (discounts, free gear, clubs) are useful marketing tools.

    However, my comment (though phrased poorly) was that by limiting the contest to current riders (a self-imposed limit), you were wasting an opportunity to attract new buyers. Why? (continued…)

  3. Really? we thought that rather then continuing to spend hundreds of thousands on traditional mediums of advertising, it would be a whole lot more fun to show case real customers who’ve already put on thousands of km’s on our products, while showing them our appreciation for purchasing in the first place.

    I don’t see any other chinese importers with the confidence in their products to publicly have a contest encouraging them to RIDE as much as possible. And besides, at the end of the day – isn’t that what this is all about? RIDING as much as possible?

  4. A contest that is aimed at people who have already bought your product is a pretty lame way to market the product. While it’s a nice gesture for the current owners, it’s a damn poor way to attract new buyers.

    Konker has a reasonable product at a good price, but their marketing is amateurish at best.

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