A year to forget for H-D


Not selling enough of these

Harley-Davidson lost money in 2009, the first time that’s happened in 16 years.

Harley’s year-end statement recorded a net loss of $55.1 million U.S. and a fourth-quarter net loss of $218.7 million.

The company’s annual revenue was $4.29 billion, compared with $5.58 billion the year before.

Income from motorcycle sales was 45.6 per cent down in the last quarter and was down to $3.17 billion from $4.24 billion for the year.

Harley’s profits were down due to slow sales, the cost of some restructuring operations, and the closing of Buell, as well as the sale of the MV Agusta brand.


  1. words of wisdom from my shack in the hills of Montana..
    Everyone said HD was headed for a fall- ageing and narrow demographic, ancient technology, dependence on clothing line- and everyone was right. HD did try to diversify with Buell, Vrod, and MV, but it all came to nothing. What lies at the end of this recession? Adding 10 years to the middle-age following puts them out of the active buyer category.

  2. Ouch! It’s too bad, I guess the market’s changed pretty quickly. While I haven’t bought an HD, a couple of years ago I was tempted. They seemed to offer more simple or stripped bikes with spoked wheels that appealed to me. While I like the XR1200 the rest of the line just looks overdone to me. Too much paint & guff going on. But since I haven’t bought one I’m probably wrong, though I’m further from buying one now than I was.

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