Yamaha 8 gets its fairing


Another sly shot of their coming 800 cc streetbike line has been issued by Yamaha, this one showing the plastic-covered face of the Fazer 8.

Yamaha previously showed a pic of a naked bike, the FZ8, which will replace the FZ6 in their line-up. CMG notified you of that in November.

A CMG reader commented back then that he wasn’t thrilled by the lack of a front windscreen and fairing, and Yamaha listened — or maybe they were already onto that notion. We’ll take the credit anyway.

More will be revealed shortly, as the two models are staged for a public beta release in March.

Meanwhile, what we know is that the bikes will be 800 cc models, in-line fours, and made by Yamaha.


  1. On the FZ6 one light is the low beam and the other is the high beam (can’t remember which is which – I think the right light is the low beam). This works pretty well; no problems lighting the tree tops or the ditch.

  2. I hate bikes designed by fashion models. I guess that would be Bruno… Where are the engineers who actually ride? If you ride then you know that lights separated side to side as with the FZ8 or R1s, CBRs, etc. work fine on the level. But when you are mid-corner in a left-hander on an unlit road at night they do a fantastic job of illuminating the treetops to your right and the ditch to your left – the road itself is barely lit. Useless, but then they look so racy, just like Rossi’s bike. Kewl, dude. How stupid is that? Fucking idiot manufacturers.

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