H-D from CVO has GPS


Harley’s still releasing new models, the latest being from the firm’s CVO division.

The CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide Dark is a serialized special (one to 999) and is stripped of almost all traces of chrome. Trim and latches that are usually shiny chrome are replaced with gloss black painted pieces, it gets a low profile tinted shield and, well, lots and lots of black paint.

It’s equipped with all of the luxury items that the regular (if it can be called that) CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide has, including ABS, but also includes a handlebar-mounted Garmin ZÅ«mo 660 navigation system. As with all CVO models, power comes from the 1,803 cc Twin Cam 110 engine. Price is (ahem) $43,359.


  1. There are real brains working at HD lately. Replace the chrome with black. Wow. Earth Shattering. $43G. LOL

    How many millions did HD lose last year? One can only wonder why.

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