Sweet 16 on new Sportster

sm_48rs.jpg Harley has introduced a new Sportster model, and we must admit it looks badass.

Called the Forty-Eight, this radically styled mini-bobber is the first-ever Sportster to roll on a 16-inch front wheel — at least, the first factory model.

The engine is a blacked-out version of the 1,203 cc fuel-injected and rubber-mounted V-twin that powers most Sportster models. Custom styling touches include bobbed fenders, a low 710 mm seat height, forward-mounted foot controls and under-mounted mirrors. Another less convenient styling feature is a move to a smaller 8-litre peanut fuel tank, down from 12.5 litres, but it looks way cool — and who’s going to buy one of these babies to cross the country, anyway?

Prices are $12,479 for black, and $12,819 for pearl colours.


  1. Hey Savage, check out Honda, they just relaeased a blacked out custom 750 shadow that actually looks pretty good, not sure on the weight but I thinkit is less than the sporty. That being said, this is a nice looking bike.

  2. Love the looks of that new Sporty! This new “Forty-Eight”, The Nightster and the 883 Iron are all cool … but waaaay to heavy for my poor ‘ol back! Wish Hondkawyamazuki would clue in and offer a cool vee or parallel twin runabout with similar styling (and less weight) … they’d sell like hotcakes!

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