New GPS is cheaper

sm_zumo220.jpg The last Garmin ZÅ«mo we told you about was priced at $1,000, which is a little — make that a lot — too expensive for most of us.

But now comes word of a motorcycle-specific Garmin GPS that’s a heck of a lot cheaper, but can still take the knocks of life on the road.

Garmin’s ZÅ«mo 220 carries an 89 mm (3.5 inch) colour touchscreen, is loaded with maps for Canada and the U.S., displays speed limits, will speak to you through its built-in speaker or a bluetooth headset, is waterproof and can be operated with gloves on. There’s a fuel gauge function, a save function so you can plan your trip and stash it on the ZÅ«mo, and even off-road travel options.

And all this for the low, low price of just $600.

Did we say low, low? We meant lower, lower than the last one. If that’s good enough for you, see for more.


  1. I have a zumo 550. It has lots of great features but takes a while to get used to. It could be simplified and it doesn’t have motorbike shops listed under automotive repair. It has improvements to be done but is the best out there

  2. I use a regular Garmin Nuvi, 150 $. Works with motorcycle glove, I put a ziplock on it when it rains, it’s under a small windshield… Bonus? You don’t need an ear phone! It’s loud enough, under 100 km/h I can ear it very well.
    However, if you’re afraid, there is an outdour Nuvi, the 550. Goes for 300 $. Yes Canadian $$ and Canadian store! (GPScentral)

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