Kawasaki in series, sort of


Jordan Szoke, rolling with the good times
Photo: Steve Thornton

Back in early December, we suggested here that Canadian Kawasaki was shutting down its Parts Canada championship race team, and got Kawasaki brass all excited at us for saying so.

A press release dated January 13 now confirms our original report, although there will be some racing support. Canadian Kawasaki will still be involved in the series, but not as a direct participant. Rather, they’re going the way that Suzuki did for several years with Blackfoot Cycle and are contracting the racing out.

In this case, the team will be run by Mike Crompton, owner of Competition Systems, who’s been an integral part of the Kawasaki group in Canada for several years. Crompton has been at the top level of Canadian motorsport as a builder and tuner for decades, and several of the members of the existing team will transition to their new employer as part of the deal.

There will be one rider instead of two, and one bike instead of four — only the Superbike class will be contested, leaving the Yoshimura Sport Bike 600 class (which Kawasaki has won for four straight years with Jordan Szoke in the seat) to others.

Who’s riding? Nobody at the moment, but "a rider and sponsors will be announced within a few days." New guy Alex Welsh has been silent all through the off-season, and it’s known that Jordan Szoke, with four double championships with Kawasaki under his belt, has been looking around at what else might be available; normal end of contract stuff.

Stay tuned.


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