Huskys now road-legal


Husqvarna TE630, now legal

Dual sport and supermotard riders rejoice!

Barrett Marketing, distributor of Husqvarna motorcycles in Canada, has just confirmed that Transport Canada gave approval for several street-legal Husky bikes.

Approved for road use are the TE250, 310, 450 and 510 dual-sports, as well as the larger TE630 dual-sport model, and the SM510 and SM630 motards.

You can find more details and pricing in the CMG 2010 New Model Buyer’s Guide.


  1. Japanese make streetbikes look like dirt bikes and the Europeans make dirt bikes that look street legal.

    My DRZ400S holds more than twice as much oil as a KTM 450 and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I

  2. Street Legal Enduro bikes are a must, at least in Ontario. I agree that’s a good thing. But what is your dirt/street mix?

    Anything more than 80/20, and you’ll be wishing for a softer, smoother Japanese Dual-sport, AKA DR/XL/KLR/WR. The Husky, like the KTM EXC are hard edged off-road bikes that are legal, but not suitable for extended road riding.

  3. I don’t understand the comment about the Japanese; they have had street legal dual-sports for a while, and there are other motards out there. I love the idea of Husky being back in the running, but really, what have we been missing in a fundamental sense at least since KTM went from obscure to mainstream?

  4. Good news I want to buy a dual purpose bike this year and I want something different. Japanese bikes are too generic. Hourra

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