Garmin GPS is for rich bikers


Garmin has announced a new GPS unit for motorcycles, the zÅ«mo 665, but it should be called the 999.99 — for its exorbitant price.

It’s a touchscreen device that comes with an antenna for XM Satellite Radio, instantaneous XM weather reports, and XM traffic info in real time.

With all that, it’s as much an entertainment console as a navigational aid, says Garmin, which previewed the new item at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show.

An XM Radio subscription is necessary for the additonal bits that will bring 170 channels of radio fun.

The display is 4.3 inches, colour, and can be worked with gloves on. It’s waterproof and comes with maps of Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States, and will talk to you, saying things like "Turn right at Vasco De Gama Platzl," for instance.

Bluetooth, stereo music, phone capability, and a low, low price of only $1,000 U.S. See more at, and tell ’em CMG sent you.


  1. I’m not rich. I’m retired. But I am a LD rider. My Zumo has been a constant traveling companion for month long 7K rides. Before that, my SP2720 basic, waterproof GPS guided me. To spend $800 (street price) every two years is less than $0.03/mile for the 15K or so I log each year. Now to get weather radar images with the 665, says I’ll upgrade and pass off my Zumo 550 with lifetime map upgrades to someone else that will appreciate it.

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