Edmondson leaves AMA racing


Roger Edmondson

AMA Pro Racing released a December 30 announcement that Roger Edmondson, the man who orchestrated the Daytona Motorsports Group’s purchase of AMA Pro Racing, is leaving his position effective New Year’s Day for health reasons.

Edmondson, who is chairman, managing member, and chief executive officer of AMA Pro Racing, has been battling bladder cancer, although the press release merely says, "Edmondson is leaving to deal with some unforeseen health issues that necessitate his full attention."

The release went on to say, "Edmondson will be available to consult with the management of the company, but his official duties will be reallocated among the other current managing members — David Atlas, Tom Bledsoe, and Chris Harris."

Atlas has been running the day-to-day operations of AMA Pro Racing since November 25 when Edmondson moved to the position of chairman and chief executive officer.

Edmondson’s history with the AMA goes back to the 1990s, when he ran the road racing program as a contracted employee. Subsequent disagreements ended with the AMA paying Edmondson $3 million in 2001, basically for unfair dismissal and subsequent attempts to sabotage Edmondson’s next career effort. After that he went to work for the Daytona Motorsports Group, meaning the France family and NASCAR, running the Grand Am car racing series until negotiating the purchase of AMA’s racing properties two years ago.

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