Countdown for Buell


The world is running short of Buells, though since they don’t make ’em any more, that should be no surprise.

Early this morning, there were 1,277 unsold Buells left in U.S. dealerships. There were, in fact, five Buells left in Utah, all of them 1125R models. There were 44 in North Carolina, including 10 1125Rs and one XB12 Ulysses. And in Texas, there were 116, four of them XB12 Lightnings and 28 of them 1125CRs.

How do we know this? The "find a bike" website tells us. There’s a counter that they say is updated regularly, and you can even pick your state, see how many of any model are left there, and then find the stores that have them, all without leaving the comfort of your computer.

So what, by the number left, is the most popular Buell? If you guessed the XB12 Lightning, you’re smart. There are only 58 Lightnings remaining — or there were, last night.

Least popular? Again, you guessed right. Yup, it’s the 1125, the bike that was supposed to carry Buell into the 20th Century. There were 199 CR models and a whopping 336 R models left — and you can bet there will be some deals offered on those babies.

Of course, the website only details American quantities. How many are left in Canada is a question we can’t answer.

To get in on the office pool for which bike model hits zero first, and how many 1125s there’ll be left when all the rest are gone, see


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