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It’s claimed to be the world’s first hybrid motorcycle, and it’s no beauty, but it will go on sale in India shortly.

The Eko Hybrid ET-120 will sell for about $850 U.S. and will run about 280 miles on a gallon of gas. In Canadian numbers that’s a bit less than one litre per 100 km.

Manufacturer Eko Vehicles is located in Bangalore and developed the hybrid bike with help from an American company, Emerging Technologies. It’s powered by a 70cc gas engine and a small electric motor and will do about 60 km/h tops.


  1. Would be a nice vehicle sure.

    Most likely the manufacture will find it can sell all it’s inventory long before Canada shows up on the radar….

    With that in mind imagine what a manufacture thinks if there’s obstacles in bringing products to Canada. 🙂

  2. now if canadian law makers would just get smart and have something like this imported to canada,they will come up with some reason not too,

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