Nat'l Motorsports gets financing


Fisching for a loan?

National Motorsports, a Montreal company that distributes Hyosung, Daelim, and E-Max motorcycles and scooters in Canada, has signed a deal with Travelers Acceptance Corporation to provide financing for buyers.

Loans for purchasers will be available at all National Motorsports dealers.

Credit should be available almost immediately.

National Motorsports now also deals Fischer American-made sportbikes.


  1. Head in the clouds. Big H and Big Y spent millions on their high end bikes (vfr1200 and vmax) Maybe they’ll sell a dozen or so in Canada, over the next few years…Meanwhile the Chinese are eating away at the base of the market. We know the Chinese bikes sold at Canadian tire are shyte, but suburban Dad doesn’t know or care. He’ll spend a few hundred to make little Johnny happy.The stupid thing is that H and Y already have the bikes to compete with the Chinese copies- the Honda dream is alive and well, currently selling for 900 usd in Vietnam. Yamaha lagenda 1400us.

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