The Last Buell goes to Barber

sm_motorcycletoy.jpg The Barber Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama, has benefitted from Harley-Davidson’s decision to end the Buell line.

The last Buell off the East Troy, Wisconsin, assembly line, a 2010 Lightning XB12, has been donated to the museum. The motorcycle represents the end of a 26-year production run for the American company founded by Erik Buell.

Buell donated 12 motorcycles to the museum in all, including a 1996 S3T Thunderbolt, a 1999 X1 Lightning, some clay prototype mock-ups, and a couple of motorcycles used by stunt riders Craig Jones and Bubba Blackwell.

Meanwhile, another motorcycle museum is getting ready to open up — this one in Idaho, of all places. The North Idaho Motorcycle Museum, which will open in May, will be located at the Kingston Kwik Stop Exxon and Tor’s Tavern, and will feature displays of small bikes at first.

A 1947 Simplex Model H Servi Cycle, a 1969 Harley-Davidson ML125, and a 1971 Indian Mini Mini will be among the displays, along with a number of motorcycle toys, including a police sidecar unit from the ’30s. Our informant couldn’t say if they will have any Buell toys.

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