Stock sale recommended


That’s no reason to panic

Declining sales and falling prices are behind an analyst’s recommendation to dump Harley-Davidson stocks late last week.

The Associated Press reports that a Goldman Sachs analyst predicted that Harley stock values would fall by 15 per cent over the next six months.

The analyst said dealers had told him retail sales had fallen 35 to 40 per cent over October and November because of harsher lending practices at Harley’s financial branch and a massive recall of Harley-Davidson models for safety reasons.


  1. “…March low on HOG was $7.99. December high was $30. Recent sale recommendation looks pretty good actually!!…”

    Yep…that’s how it works. While Irvin is worrying about bank fees, I’m making a killing!

  2. Note to Goldman Sachs. It was clear a year and a half ago that the economy was going to take a dive. Companies that don’t do well in bad financial times are companies that make toys. You know, Boats , Motorcycles, Snowmobiles , Four Wheelers ….. You get the picture. You should have pulled out of the companies or shorted the stocks LONG AGO! Goldman Sachs – your performance is pathetic!

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