Snow slows show in T.O.



Bad weather and a slumbering economy took a bite out of attendance at the Toronto Motorcycle Show last weekend, but show manager Darryl Bond reports that it was a success.

Attendance was down just over 10 per cent, he says, with 31,891 visitors this year compared to almost 36,000 last year.

He blames that on winter weather that closed highways 400 and 11 on Friday night in the Parry Sound — Huntsville area north of Toronto. High winds and heavy snow created white-out conditions and closed other roads north of Toronto as well. Bond says surveys indicate that about 40 per cent of a typical show audience travels a considerable distance to Toronto, so many of those visitors might have been turned away by that weather.

However, others made it, and events like She Rides Nite were a success, with nearly 2,000 women attending that one, while Support the Troops Night on Saturday smelled less like victory with only about 100 military personnel attending.

Bond said retailers on the show floor felt that "given the current economic climate and what they’ve seen over the past few months on their showroom floors," sales were "in some cases better than expected.

The MMIC Motorcycle Show moves across the country from Toronto, taking in Calgary Jan. 8 – 10, Edmonton Jan. 15 – 17, Vancouver Jan. 21 – 24, Quebec City Feb. 5 – 7, Moncton Feb. 12 – 14, and Montreal Feb. 26 – 28.


  1. looks like the cost was the problem,,do you think they will get the picture or just make the price more and more and then assume that there are no riders,im waiting on the montreal show,last year some didnt alowe you to sit on there bikes,and the company i really wanted to see wasnt there(amg plus was based in montreal)

  2. Thanks, Percy. You’re right — Moncton it is. The show promoter’s head office is in Saint John, but the Atlantic Motorcycle Show takes place at the Moncton Coliseum Feb. 12 – 14.

  3. Great show as there were lots of bikes from every manufacturer. Thank goodness GP Bikes stepped up to represent Triumph at the show with their own bikes. The bike of the show was the BMW 1000 RR and for $17300 it was amazing!!


  4. I went on Friday afternoon and it did seem slow. I enjoyed it and thought it was worth the $16.00 and I understand GP Bikes wants to protect their inventory. I think it was the best show at this location so far with more to see than other years.

    I still think they’d be better off just having 1 big show in January.

  5. Maybe cause its $16 + gas + Toronto BS traffic + $$ if you get hungry or thirsty. If you can’t sit on them you may as well stay at home and look at hi-res pics.

  6. Bitch, Moan, bitch :roll

    You’re complaining about paying $16 for a night/day of entertainment! When did you last get your money’s worth at a 90 minute movie? Considering the sorry state of motorcycle dealers in Toronto, seeing all the brands in one place is worth it. Sure the show is much of the same old, same old, but it’s better than sitting at home looking at pictures of bikes.

  7. Didn’t go to the show, but just came back from Georgia where at a pretty substantial dealer I was encouraged to sit on everything there, and did, for free. (Yamaha, Honda, Kawi, Ducati, Motoguzzi, Aprilia) Including the RSV4

  8. I went on saturday, and I agree the 16$ is too much. But, it was the first time I went, and I really enjoyed it.

    I sat on just about every triumph there except for the special edition bonnies. Both triples, and the daytona, plus a scrambler.

    Overall, I really enjoyed it, but I will admit, it would have to have been a terrible show for me to not enjoy it (I also brought my own lunch)….

  9. I was there Sunday. It wasn’t overly packed then. I do agree that it is just too expensive- both the admission and the food. As for Triumph, the “do not sit” signs were on the bikes, but the had absolutely no problem with people removing the signs to sit on the bikes. Apparently, the bikes were dealer floor models, and they wanted to keeep it to those genuinely interested to reduce scratching.

  10. I thought the show was good overall, less people made it more enjoyable, but $20.00 for 2 tiny sandwiches & cans of Coke!

    Oh ya … dear Triumph, if you won’t let potential customers sit on your bikes, don’t bother showing up next year, that was truly pitiful.

  11. Sure it was the snow. Maybe the prices had something to do with it? $16.00 for a ticket, $5.00 for a slice of pizza and $8.15 for 1 crappy domestic beer. Plus, some manufacturer displays wouldn’t let you sit on their bikes!?! What kind of show is that? Pretty disappointing really.

    I too was there Friday night and it was pretty quiet.

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