Electroracing in Canada


Seatmeister to race electric

People who have been around big-time racing for more than a few years know that politics is a much bigger part of the game than is the competition. Those same people, therefore, will hardly be surprised to hear that less than six months after the first world-level electric motorcycle race (on the Isle of Man) there are already two sanctioning bodies fighting over who’s going to run a series for 2010.

TTX-GP, who ran the IoM race and were then promptly shafted by the international FIM taking over their series, are starting over from scratch. They’ve announced that one round of their new endeavour will be in Canada, in conjunction with the Parts Canada Superbike series rounds at Mosport July 8-11.

Here are the obligatory quotes from eager promoters:

Colin Fraser, who runs the Parts Canada Superbike Championship, said, "Everyone involved in the Canadian series is really looking forward to the TTXGP event at Mosport in 2010; we believe this event has a solid long term future."

Azhar Hussain, Founder and CEO TTXGP, said, "We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support for TTXGP by our North American friends and their ability to turn things around very quickly. We are looking forward to working with them to make electric racing a viable option, not only on the track but also on the bottom line."

Here is the entry list so far:

Team Clutch, www.clutchltd.com, based in Montreal (they make seat covers and fashion accessories).

That’s it.

Not quite going to make up for the loss of the Buell, Blackfoot Suzuki, and Yamaha factory superbike teams, but it’s a start …


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