Special Thruxton coming


Special Edition Triumph Thruxton

Triumph has produced a cafe-type Thruxton Special Edition that they plan to keep under wraps in their secret garage until February.


Triumph Canada head honcho Chris Ellis says this factory spy shot was released early, spoiling the surprise.

The bike will come to Canada, he says. However, it will be available in extremely limited numbers — fewer than one per Triumph dealer.

Pricing is not available yet, but we’ll let you know more as we hear it.


  1. LOL!!!! “Pretentious BMW nerd” LOL!! It’s funny ’cause it’s true!!

    The new thruxton is a beauty, but both it and it’s Bonneville stablemates are waaaay to heavy for my bad back … gimme a Guzzi V7 Classic … or better, if Kawi would bring back the W650!

  2. Good stuff Bondo. Just to confirm, I rode a new one at a dealer last summer and they haven’t changed. Don’t you just love it when the manufacturers are so in denial? God forbid they actually go out and ride the thing and find out what’s up. Maybe engineers should by law be required to use the things they ‘design’.

  3. First year Thruxtons came with a radial front and bias rear tire (or vice versa – can’t remember) which made the thing downright spooky in fast corners. And I DID mention that in my reviews. Haven’t ridden one since so I don’t know if they’ve changed that or not.

    I called Triumph and they told me it was specifically designed with those tires. I said it wasn’t working.

  4. Oh, a paint job…what a SHAM. And a shame. You know, no reviewer ever mentions the fact that Triumph’s so-called sporty, ‘cafe’ model has the worst handling traits of all these modern, fat Bonnevilles. Because the lame ‘engineers’ at Triumph changed the fork offset the Thruxton has a built-in wobble. When you ride this model you can induce a small wobble by giving the bar a twist only to find that the bike then magnifies it before settling down. WTF? A much better handling choice is to ‘cafe’ a standard. Mind you, with Triumph parts prices, you’ll spend like a pretentious BMW nerd.

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