Honda Canada introduces the redesigned CBF1000


2010 CBF1000 gets big makeover.

The 2010 Honda CBF1000 doesn’t just get tweaked bodywork and fresh paint; it is an entirely new motorcycle.

Topping the changes is a move from a steel frame to a new aluminum frame that is more compact and is claimed to improve handling. The lighter frame contributes to a 5-kg reduction in weight to 245 kg wet. Other chassis changes include a new 41 mm preload-adjustable telescopic fork with revised damping rates and a shock that adds adjustable rebound damping.

The CBF’s CBR1000-sourced engine gets a nine-horsepower boost to 106, as well as a tad more torque, while fuel consumption is said to have improved by seven percent.


Love the headers!

A larger, more protective fairing contains new instruments and a new four-position adjustable windscreen (120 mm vertical range) that raises or lowers manually without tools, and as with the previous model, seat height is adjustable from 780 to 805 mm in 15-mm increments.

More aggressive styling now includes a single, large-volume muffler, and fuel capacity is up one litre to 20 for increased range.

The 2010 CBF1000A is available only through Honda Powerhouse dealers and is available only in pearl yellow. Retail price is $12,999 and combined ABS is standard.


  1. It’s surprising how passionate some of you are about the powerhouse “issue.” Honda doesn’t owe us anything, either you like the bikes and stores or you don’t but don’t take it personal.

  2. It’s debatable whether those big store are good or not but it’s plain STUPID to have exclusive models for those places. Bad business, the proof is up here. :roll

  3. Barrie’s Power House is big, bright & has just about every model available to sit on & accessories to see. Way better then the limited stock (to say the least) of the couple tiny dealers before which were all outside of Barrie.

    I like the Power House setup, bring on more!!

  4. “The attitude I see when I go into one of the Powerhouse dealers is the same as I saw at the recent Toronto bike show… all they’re interested in is your money. The staff act more like used-car-dealers than motorcyclists.”

    Uh, last I checked, they were in business, the business of selling vehicles. So this is a surprise? The reason so many failed in the past is because they acted like something other than business people, and thus went under.

  5. The attitude I see when I go into one of the Powerhouse dealers is the same as I saw at the recent Toronto bike show… all they’re interested in is your money. The staff act more like used-car-dealers than motorcyclists.
    I suppose if I absolutely had to have a Honda, and it was only offered through a Powerhouse dealer, then I’d have to buy it thare. But with all the other manufacturers, models and dealers out there, not to mention used bikes, having to deal with a Powerhouse dealer is just another reason to go somewhere else. Vote with your pocketbooks. Honda will eventually see the light!

  6. It is amazing that Honda Canada would in any way limit or reduce sales by making certain models only available to the POWERHOUSE dealers.

  7. A strutting Honda powerhouse is so gay. Wait a minute, all the Japanese bike manufacturers are gay. Wait another minute, Harley is for sure gay. But hold on, BMW is verry gay. And what about Triumph? Indeed Jacko. Ducati? Are they gay? Well yeah, like the swirl on your cappuccino. Hmm, anyone not gay? Well, Husaberg, Britain’s CCM marque, KTM, Ken Dreer’s Norton (but not the new poncey British owned one), not much really. I don’t know, maybe the lesson here is to ‘stay hungry’.

  8. I too agree about the powersport stores. Here in Halifax there is no powersport store, go figure nothing in the largest city in NS. Hour and a half west in the small town of Bridgewater and 1.5 hours east to the community of New Glasgow are the only powersport stores in the province.
    Honda has already yanked dealerships away from a few of the bike shops in NS. This foolish move by Honda will only hurt their bottom line.

  9. I’ve owned over 75 Hondas over the last 45 years and although they have a good product this obsession they have with powerhouse is crap! I get a cold corporate feeling when I go into one of these powerhouse stores. The old dealers were in it for the sport not just the money and they didn’t depend on a computer screen for answers. If another brand has a similar bike I’ll buy it rather than a Honda from now on.

  10. How about a decent real world front fender? Something to keep the road swarf off that lovely looking header! In agreement on the Super Dealer issue…bring back the motorbike shop…plainly, this Big Box setup SUCKS.

  11. I’ve owned, from Honda, a CBX 550, XL 600, VFR 750, CB 750F and a 900F. I’ve been going to the same Honda dealer (close to a 100 years old Alex Berthiaume in Montreal) for more than 20 years even when I don’t ride a Honda. I will NEVER buy a Honda from a landmower salesman. I wrote to Honda when they introduce that policy. They said I could still go to Berthiaume for the maintenance… Ya right! There are a lot of other option out there.

  12. I live in the Greater Vancouver area – a little over the 2 million mark for population…. our nearest Powerhouse dealer is a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride away – not to mention the hour or two you have to wait to board the boat. The next closest is about a 6 hour drive away. I’m sure you can figure out my interest in this bike from those stats.
    I have this feeling that Honda really wants out of the North American motorcycle market and just doesn’t know how to put the whole thing to sleep.

  13. Although Honda has long had an excellent reputation for reliable product, their current attempt to appear larger and more important than they ought has angered many dealers who’ve been cut. This “puffing-up” exercise will ultimately fail. I, for one, will never do business with a “powerhouse” store.

  14. Only at powerhouse dealers? Why the hell are they disabling their other dealers, and limiting their sales options?

    Shortsighted moronic management

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