You can shop Ducati from home


Ducati fridge magnet

Ducati North America has opened an online store for Canadian
and U.S. buyers that contains apparel and accessories.

You can buy directly at the website and have the goodies
shipped to you from your local dealer, even in Canada.

Jackets, leathers, T-shirts, caps, and other items are
available. Ducati also has an online “configurator” where you can design your
dream motorcycle in real time.

See for your Christmas shopping, and don’t forget
your best friends forever at CMG!


  1. Of the two dealerships in Vancouver, one is also a BMW dealer and the other is a Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Bombardier dealer.

    It would be suicide for Ducati to insist on single line dealerships. Honda they are not.

    And no, I don’t think one can order service online.

  2. What local Dealer? Can you buy service online too?
    Ducati North America recently pulled their Ottawa dealership (rumor is they now only tolerate Ducati-only dealerships.)

    It’s all about the T-shirts and hats…

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