Rally for Orion Tuesday


Photo: Facebook

A rally to express displeasure with the Crown for its failure to charge RCMP officer Monty Robinson in the death of motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson will be held Tuesday at noon at the Surrey, B.C., courthouse.

Robinson, whose Jeep collided with 21-year-old Hutchinson just over a year ago, is charged with obstruction of justice. He allegedly told officers who arrested him after the accident that he left the scene, went home and drank some alcohol, then returned to the scene of the collision.

Police wanted to charge him with impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death, but the Crown decided that chances of getting a conviction on those charges were slim.

Robinson’s first appearance is tomorrow at the Surrey Provincial Court on 57th Avenue.

Although an Arctic inflow will likely keep most riders off their bikes and in their warm cars, organizers ask that motorcyclists wear their riding jackets.

They also stress that this will be a peaceful rally.

The rally is being organized by a private individual but is supported by the B.C. Coalition of Motorcyclists. "Had it been anyone else than an RCMP officer, charges would have been laid with in weeks, and they wouldn’t have been lesser," said BC-COM executive director Adele Tompkins.

See the Facebook group "crown vs robinson" for more.


  1. Wrong side of the issue I’m afraid. The crown knows what the weak court system will allow thru and if Joe normal can get away with it then a mountie will too.
    Talk about reform of the courts before being vindictive about a mountie ‘using’ the system to his advantage.

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