Invention can cool brains


A British company, ThermaHelm, has developed a therapeutic cooling insert for motorcycle helmets that the inventor says can save lives.

The ThermaHelm insert works by setting off a chemical cooling process in the helmet liner on impact. According to the inventor, Julian Preston-Powers, the brain of a crash victim can heat up inside a helmet in the minutes after impact.

The cooling insert is activated by the impact, and an endothermic reaction cools the liner and prevents the brain from heating.

The insert is still being developed, but you can sign up on the website to be notified when a retrofit service begins, in which case you can send your helmet in for fitment.

Preston-Powers says he got the idea after his elbow collided with another player’s head in a basketball game. The two players were given ice packs, he said, but the pack was too cold to keep on his injured elbow, so he periodically dropped it into a nearby motorcycle helmet. When the helmet’s owner put on the helmet and remarked on the coolness, an idea was born.

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