FZ8 partially revealed


Yamaha will bring an FZ8 naked bike to the market in the spring.

The torquier, more powerful FZ will replace the company’s 600 cc model and will sport an 800 cc motor in the usual four-cylinder, 16 valve configuration.

The motor will likely bear similarities to the larger FZ1 powerplant but will probably be tuned for mid-range torque.

It will compete with models like Kawasaki’s Z750, BMW’s F800R, and the Aprilia Shiver.

It will most likely be released in Europe first, and could follow that with an appearance here, but little is known outside the secret halls of Yamaha-dom.

There is only one photograph available.


  1. yet another ugly windshield for who knows what reason They made such lovely bikes back when THE original Seca 550 and 650
    Cna they not just bould a bike for the working man who wants onedo it all bike
    TB why not just buy a car? Then you can have heat and air conditioning too

  2. 800 cc is plenty. Is Yamaha going for a more realistic sense of riding? Bikes not as hubristic and doomed as BMW’s 6. Or the new $23,000 VFR pig. A question for the manufacturers: Who will buy these $$$ over-powered technical bad dreams? Sales of litrebikes are flat. Don’t sell after 3 years. Suzuki’s discontinued the B-King. V-Max, CanAm Spyder trike: same fate. Engineering’s so corrupted these days. The landscape is littered with failed egobikes no one uses much. Used 1098s for sale with

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