Multistrada priced for Canucks


Ducati’s new Multistrada 1200 will sell for $17,495 Cdn, which the company says is an "extremely aggressive figure" for this model.

The Multistrada was shown at the Milan Motorcycle Show recently and was voted "Most Beautiful Bike in Show" by 20,000 show visitors. It’s powered by a 150 hp, 87.5 lb-ft twin, weighs just 417 lb., has ride-by-wire throttle control, a keyless ignition, and on-and-off road capability. Marcocchi forks are 50 mm wide and sit atop a Bosch-Brembo ABS brake system, if you go for the option, which raises the price to $18,495 Cdn.

The S Sport package option brings the price up more, to $20,995 Cdn, and the S Touring package swamps the Sport’s carbon fibre for luggage, centrestand, and heated grips, and holds the line at $20,995 Cdn.

You can get one for yourself, and another for your favourite CMG personality, in the spring. We’re counting on you, now!


  1. It’s a sweet bike, but the pure street-oriented tires, twin huggers at the rear, and abbreviated fender up front suggest that its off-road abilities will be very limited, even compared to something like a V-Strom. Since my V-Strom never sees anything more challenging than a dirt road, that wouldn’t scare me away from this bike, however. The “competitive” price is a little rich for my blood, though. Not that I couldn’t afford it, I just can’t see myself sinking that much into a bike.

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