iPhone is finally useful


Just dial 555-KRIKEY!

Australian motorcyclists who use the iPhone can park their ride more quickly now.

Using Google Maps, the website at mcnetwork.com.au paints a colourful and zoomable display showing motorcycle parking spots throughout Australia.

An iPhone program that can be downloaded at www.tr.im/motorcycle (or at the Apple store) is required.

With Australian town councils becoming friendlier toward motorcycles as environmental concerns loom ever larger, more motorcycle-specific parking spaces are being set up.

There is a report function in the program so that riders can report new parking spots or parking places that have disappeared, and GPS coordinates can be uploaded as well.

Meanwhile, Australian motorcyclists can get information on bike shops, accessory dealers, and other retail and service locations of interest to riders through mcnetwork, and early in 2010 the listings will be available on iPhone.


  1. What do you mean [i]finally [/i]useful.
    It is an amazing gizmo with thousands of apps (many free) for virtually anything you can think of.
    We have the iPod Touch which gives you everything except the phone calls and data via the cellular phone system. Wi-Fi is built-in (free in most cafes).

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