Zero emissions race at Infineon


Isle of Man TTXGP action

A TTXGP all-electric road race will be staged at Infineon Raceway in California May 14-16 when the AMA Superbike circus lands there.

It’ll be the first such race on U.S. soil and will be the first event of a new four-round U.S. series.

The first ever TTXGP was held during this year’s Isle of Man events in June with 17 teams from around the world competing. Many of the entries failed to finish the race, but the winning bike’s average speed of 87 mph proved that electric motorcycles can perform.


Mavizen TTX02

The TTXGP was founded by British businessman Azhar Hussain, who unveiled his own electric motorcycle, the Mavizen TTX02, earlier this month in Las Vegas. The Mavizen is a "factory production vehicle to be delivered with a dedicated IP access and connectivity to the network," according to An on-board web server with WiFi will allow users to connect to the motorcycle from any web-connected station.

The Mavizen is inspired by the bike that won that Isle of Man race, the Agni XD01. Production will be limited at first to 50 units, which will sell for £25,000 in the first few months of next year. The bikes will be race-ready.

Race teams can sign up for the nearly silent action at the egrandprix website.


  1. C’mon guys, get yer head out yer arse. Look to the future. Co-exist, we can all get along. I love my 4 stroke like the rest, electric is an alternative. Though it does look a bit batty. 😉

  2. Shouldn’t call it a “zero emissions” race. Not honest; somebody should work out the electricity and battery production/recycle needs.

    Or better yet, ignore the whole thing. More PC BS.

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