Recycled tires


"Is that part of a condom?"

Magnum D’Or Resources, a Colorado tire-recycling operation,
has produced what it claims are the first motorcycle tires using recycled

The Magnum SRI "custom compound" uses rubber from discarded

However, since "the company recently produced motorcycle
tires utilizing in excess of 20 per cent Magnum SRI custom compound consisting
of at least 16 per cent recycled material," according to a PR Newswire story, the total amount of recycled material in the tires is small.

Trials are being carried out with tires mounted on the rear
wheels of motorcycles. The tires are meant for the kind of small motorcycles
that are common in Asia. Tests have so far been positive.

But since Magnum has a 98,000 square foot recycling
operation in Quebec and 120 acres in Colorado with more than 30-million used
tires, it would appear that it has got a good supply of recyclable rubber for the future use.

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