Buells going cheap to raise prices


Buell a disappearing bargain?

U.S. Harley-Davidson-Buell dealers are being offered big cash incentives to unload their Buells, according to Hell For Leather magazine.

They say Harley is paying dealers $5,000 for every new Buell they sell, so buyers can expect great deals – like a new 1125CR for $5,000, or even less.

News of firesale prices on Buells is likely to drive up demand, however, and you know what happens to prices when demand increases. And supply becomes severely limited. Could this be a trick by Harley to pump up the price of Buells?

In Canada, there’s no evidence of such a ruse. While Harley-Davidson has indeed killed off its Buell offspring, the bikes are selling at around their real MSRP in dealerships.


  1. I was in the Kingston dealer last week and they were only $1,500 off. I didn’t think they belonged racing with 600’s but I’m still disappointed to see them go.

  2. Moderate deals in Canada: was qhoted $11,500 for new 1125R.
    Don’t know MSRP, but I think that is about $3K off.
    I would be tempted at $7K. 🙂

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