Super Ténéré all wrapped up


Yamaha hasn’t yet removed all the wraps off
an upcoming large-displacement adventure-touring bike, planned for release
later this year. Really, it hasn’t.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha revealed an
artistic, cloth-bound, sculpture-like rendition of the Yamaha Super Ténéré, offering
some clues to its design.

The engine is a liquid-cooled, eight-valve
parallel twin of undisclosed displacement, using shaft final drive. The concept
has a single side-mounted radiator, and wheels are laced using tubeless rims.

Yamaha’s official press release says the
bike will be equipped with traction control and linked ABS.

You can follow developments of this new
machine at


  1. Yamaha – keep it light, nimble and fuel efficient. I too had a KTM 950 Adventure, and it was awesome almost everywhere, but I was always afraid to venture too far off the beaten path, due to the weight and fuel thirst. I had a hard time getting more than 200Km before the low fuel light came on. I never quite knew how much fuel was left in those two tanks. I feel 600cc is plenty for an “Adventure” bike.

  2. Sorry about the double post: the CMG site tells me the security code is wrong but then posts the comment anyway. :upset

    Just looked at the Super Tenere site and there’s no way this bike will be light and agile: Shaft drive? When’s the last time you saw that on a real dirtbike? Oh well… looks like we’ll just have to make our own adventure hybrids :grin Like at the beginning of the supermoto era in the 90’s. Failing that there’s always a KTM 690 :p

  3. 1000cc Versys? Why? Why always bigger, so-called, ‘adventure’ bikes? My KTM 950 SM, though fun, is not nearly as such as my modded DRZ400. According to hype, the KTM should be dominant, but I can pound through rough pavement far faster on the unshakeably compliant DRZ. Let’s keep the ‘adventure’ bikes agile for better ‘adventuring’. Where the KTM really dominates the DRZ is on the highway — some adventure.

    I’m hoping the Yamaha is a light-weight with moderate displacement. Only thing I’d maybe change on the DRZ is a slight HP increase and a smoother, twin-like throttle response.

  4. Ah yes if its done right. And the even bigger question if it comes to North America, or will we get a watered down version like the TDM and the Transalp instead of the Super Tenere and the African Twin as we did in the mid to late eighties when they first came on the market. With both Honda and Yamaha rumored to have litre+ adventure touring bikes to compete with the GS, and at a time when the bikes are no longer allowed in the very race that spawned them in the first place. Something must be afoot.

  5. Saw a TDM in a showroom not too long ago…

    Mind, it had 90K and about 18 years of use…

    But it was in decent shape… I’m sure in the V-Strom, Veradero, Beemer GS crowd they might have some interest… If it’s done right, ie: size of motor and price tag…

  6. This has been rumoured and lusted after for a couple of years now. I’m interested! But I’d be interested in the TDM 900 if Yamaha brought it here, or the rumoured Kaw1 1000cc Versys as well.

  7. It sounds interesting. Of course they won’t sell it here will they.

    Too bad, the big adventure bikes are ideal bikes for our mix of roads, and conditions.

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