Zero wins race


A Zero electric motocrosser has won an all-comers race in France.

Reporter Mike Werner writes on the site that an FFM motocross race in which bikes from 250 cc to 450 cc competed together also allowed entry by electric motorcycles.

Zero and Quantya both sent teams, but Zero’s single bike entry, which was mounted by the French importer of the products, raced two heats against internal combustion-powered motorcycles, and won the second.

Werner says even the larger motocross bikes were left behind by the American-made electric motorcycle.

Rider Thomas Aubry aboard the Zero MX started in 13th and was in fifth place by the first curve, Werner says.


  1. Wow, this has to be a first – an electric vehicle of any sort taking on comparable IC engines and winning? That its even in the hunt is remarkable.

    Any word on when these little beauties are coming to Canada? Apparently the battery technology comes from here…

    I think I *need* a Zero S (the motard) as a city bike…

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