Hit-and-run comic


A stand-up comic who was injured in April 2008 by a
hit-and-run driver will take his two-wheel show on the road, appearing at
motorcycle functions around North America.

Daryl Makk has been a motorcyclist since 1982 and a comedian
since 1993. In the crash, which occurred when a driver changed lanes suddenly
and hit him on April 26, 2008, Makk sustained broken ribs and collarbone. Makk
turned his anger at this incident into a comedy performance and decided to hit
the road with a comic message about motorcyclists and safety.

He’s tentatively scheduled to appear at the Calgary
Motorcycle Show in January, at the Kootenay Gut Buster comedy weekend in B.C.
in August, and at Sturgis. He can be booked for shows anywhere and can come as
a one-man show or as part of at trio of motorcyclists. See www.theplanettour.com for more.


  1. Ah yes – Calgary. Ewan Mcgreggor had to ride around the world to get hit by a car here. Perhaps not the best place to ride, or drive, or walk.

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