Fischer comes to Canada


The Fischer MRX will be available in Canada in 2010 and will come with the fuel-injected motor.

American sport motorcycle manufacturer, Fischer, will be coming to
Canada next year courtesy of Hyosung importer, National Motorsports.

The MRX uses a 650 cc v-twin motor as well as some other components sourced from Hyosung, though many other parts including the frame are produced in-house, as well as final assembly.

The bike will arrive in fuel injected form with an expected price tag in the range of $10,000 to $11,000. National Motorsports is expecting to have a model available for the upcoming motorcycle shows, starting in Toronto in mid-December.

More info on the MRX is available at


  1. Sorry Paolo with all due respect there is no rocket science in this motorcycle. In todays economy there is nothing wrong with customers expecting more and wanting more for their money.

  2. Pretty hilarious reading these comments. I’ll just say that if you are truly a motorcycle enthusiast you’ll appreciate this bike for what it is. A low volume, hand made, custom machine, made by a very small m/c shop with an impressive spec sheet. At $10,000 – $11,000 that isn’t much for something a company like BIMOTA did in the past (any of you know what I’m talking about?). Comparing dollars and cents is pointless and comparing this bike to the ‘corolla or civic’ of motorcycles, the SV, is also pointless. Hopefully these guys don’t go the way of Eric Buell (RIP Oct 15, 2009). :cry

  3. The SV650 is a nice motor for beginners but in a $10,000 motorcycle, no matter what other components are on it, simply don’t add up.

  4. I think they engineer in Japan, so I don’t know if a Jap engineered liquid cooled DOHC engine, in a bike built in America makes it the crap you’re guessing it is. Looks like they have some pretty names engineering on this project, too. It’s only their first bike, but it looks HOT!

  5. A 650 V-twin with a Korean engine for $10-11,000 is pointless whether it has Ohlins suspension or not. When it comes to the suspension name recognition only goes so far and there have been bikes with Ohlins attached that didn’t work well without ALOT of fiddling. The price isn’t far off a Triumph 675 nor other (arguably) superior Japanese offerings (not sure about Ducati). I get and sucumb to the “something different” buying motovation, but at present there isn’t any cache to a Korean bike (or car) regardless of their quality.

  6. I’m not sure what the Hyosung quality control issues are? I have had the GV650 for 2 years and 20,000km with no problems. They may not have much of a market share but then have you ever seen a Hyosung Ad?

  7. I hope they can get some of the Hyosung quality control issues sorted out. It looks like a good idea (a la Rickman Brothers) if they can…

  8. Not to let any annoying facts get in the way of your genius opinions but have you even glanced at the MRX spec sheet? The SV is a nice bike but is not even close to the MRX. The Brembos & Ohlins alone would give the MRX a major advantage. Not to mention the looks.

  9. Let me understand this correctly. A 650 v-twin sport bike made in the U.S.A. with Korean parts (from a company that has failed to capture any market share in North America I might add) that will be priced between 10 – 11 thousand bucks? Are these marketing geniuses aware that it will be competing against Suzuki 650 v-twins and the Kawasaki 650 twin which are sold for thousands less and are far superiour machines. Good luck with that plan Jocko!

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