New 2010 Kawasakis

Kawasaki has released a few 2010 models including and totally reworked Z1000, a traction control equipped Concours 14 and a touched up Versys.



Z1000 gets agressive.

After a year’s absence from the line-up, Kawasaki brings back the Z1000. This radically styled naked litre-bike sports a new, longer-stroke, 1,043 cc engine that boasts a "wild engine character" with more torque and a stronger top end.

To add further to the hooligan element, a cool air system also places the intake ducts closer to the rider to provide an "intoxicating intake howl".

A new aluminum frame, which is similar in design to the ZX-10R, is narrower in the midsection and more rigid, and has an additional engine mount, now totalling four, one of which is rubber to help reduce vibes.


The linkage type single rear shock is now placed horizontally, and is adjustable for rebound damping and spring preload. A 41 mm inverted fork is fully adjustable.

The handlebar is wider, fatter and farther forward, while the seat height has been lowered 5 mm.

The new funky upswept, four-outlet exhaust uses a pre-chamber located under the bike and includes a catalytic converter.

Available in two-tone metallic black/silver for $13,199.

Concours 14


Concours 14 gains traction control.

Big news for Kawasaki’s "transcontinental supersport" is the addition of traction control on the ABS model.

Called KTRC (Kawasaki Traction Control), and the firm’s first endeavour into true rear-wheel slip control (not the same system as last year’s ZX-10R), the system is claimed to reduce engine output when rear wheel spin is detected.

A rider can now activate a "Fuel Economy Assist Mode" to provide a leaner fuel map for optimum fuel consumption, though the rider must keep the engine below 6,000 rpm using less than 30% throttle below 160 km/h. Of course, riding near the speed limit will surely improve economy further and may help with keeping yer licence to boot.


"What d’ya mean this is the only ride I’m getting today?"

New linked ABS now senses pressure at the front lever and rear pedal, as well as speed of initial brake application to electronically control braking pressure at the front and rear wheels.

The new ABS control unit is 25 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter than the previous version. Oh, and there’s some bodywork tweaks and hooks to enable tank bags to fit securely.

Base and ABS models are available in candy blue with flat black trim, the base model retails for $18,899 and the ABS goes for an additional $1,300 at $20,199.



Versys gets light touch-up.

The venerable Versys gets refreshed aesthetics including a new fairing with at taller, three-position windscreen.

Passenger accommodations are revised for improved comfort, and new rubber rear engine mounts and rubber-covered footpegs help to reduce vibration.

For 2010 the Versys is only available in metallic black. A price of $8,999 provides additional appeal for this all-rounder.

More Info?

More info on these bikes can be found at And there’s also some videos on the net which we’ve handily posted right here …

Commercial for the Z1000 from Europe.


US Kawasaki tech briefing of the Z1000.


Pretend that you too are one of the press, albeit the European press. The first of three parts of the European press video launch, this one gives you the general intro and details on the new Versys.


Part 2 goes into detail on the new GTR1400. Eh? Sorry, that would be the Concours 14 this side of the pond.


Part 3 does the Z1000. And yes it’s a ‘Zed one thousand’, none of this American ‘zee’ crap.



  1. As far as the looks of the new ‘Zed’ go-i’ll admit that it looks a bit awkward. The same sentiment I held when buying my ’04 Z1000 (the original Transformer). I wasn’t really serious about buying it but a 5 minute test ride convinced me otherwise.
    Be it known to those who haven’t ridden one that you cant tell what it looks like with a leg thrown over and a knee tickling the tarmac. In fact you almost cant see it at all! The original was the BEST street bike i’ve EVER ridden, and the styling kind of grows on you.
    I really like the look of the new one and, god willing, I will own one!

  2. yeah, a 1 liter Versys would be cool, as long as they only made it slightly bigger, not huge, there’s lots of big bikes out there. A little bigger than the 650 but not as big as the DL1000, say closer to the Multistrada???

  3. could the Z 1000 be any uglier
    god help us all the thing looks like some Suzuki or Yamaha cast off from the b king
    what ever happened to attractive naked’s
    I am about ready to concede style points to the FZ 1 or Blandit which is really hard to do
    Looks like a speed triple is all that is left for me

  4. “You state the Versys is only available in black, but you show a video with it in yellow.

    Hello. That would be the colour choice for Canada. Other colours are available in other countries.


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