Huggy's world tour, almost


Yamaha’s scooter guy Bryan Hudgin is on the road with a BWs125 and very little else in a bid to prove you can get from Montreal to Toronto on less than you’d spend for lunch in either of those cities.

In what he’s calling the "Scooter Sense (Almost) World Tour," Hudgin is riding to the Big Smoke over the next few days with no money, a $25 gas card, a bunch of T-shirts to trade for food, and a tent. He’ll stop in a number of towns along the way, and he’ll have a TV crew in tow, since the adventure will be used in episodes of Dave Hatch’s "Motorcycle Experience" television show.

This morning, he left Kingston, Ontario, and by the afternoon he was supposed to be racing against some veteran road racers at Shannonville. Tonight he’ll set up camp at Sandbanks Provincial Park.
Care to join him? Be sure to pack a PB&J sandwich for the poor guy – remember, he’s travelling cheap, so no fancy-schmancy roast beef sandwiches now!

You can follow the "Huggy" along on his blog at or wait for the TV show like the rest of us. Meanwhile, good luck, Hudgins!

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