Honda to show new bikes


Do-it-all CB1100

Honda will reveal some new motorcycles at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, which opens October 24 in Chiba, Japan.

A big standard is getting a lot of attention: the CB1100, which is powered by an air-cooled four-cylinder motor and harks back to the days of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle that could do just about everything.

Honda will also show its new V4-powered VFR1200F, and a touring DN-01.


EV-Cub: 2 wheels, 2 motors

The EV-Cub electric scooter will also be shown.

The scooter may use Honda’s new communications tool called Honda Electric Mobility Loop (HELLO), and could be fitted with electric motors in both front and rear wheels.


  1. I’m ready to embrace an electric scooter… As long as I can have some gas for weekend fun. 🙂


    Why does an electric scooter have to look DORKY!?

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