Motorcycle demand to grow, says study


Funny name: Freedonia study is anything but free

A $5,700-per-copy study has concluded that world demand for motorcycles will climb by 7.6 per cent a year for the next four years, and that a Chinese passion for electric motorcycles will fuel the rise.

The study, "World Motorcycles (Including Electric Bicycles & Mopeds)," was produced by the Freedonia Group in Cleveland, Ohio, and says that improving living standards in poorer countries will allow people who currently walk or ride bicycles to buy small motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles will sell in vast numbers in China, but gasoline-powered small motorcycles will outsell electric bikes in other parts of the world, the study predicts.

The place to be if you’re a dealer with a showroom full of small, gas-powered bikes? Africa and the Middle East, where population growth, a low median age, and low but improving incomes will sponsor good sales improvements. Demand will also improve in Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.


  1. 5700 per copy?

    How many copies?

    I’d like to know what they found for North America. With the baby boomers starting to creep up in age it’s predicted that there will be negative growth in the workforce in 5-10 years.

  2. Well of course the majority of motorcycle sales will be in China, Africa and the Middle East. None of those area have greedy insurance companies who like to “service” motorcycle enthusiasts there.

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