Race City gets green light


Everybody’s stoked about the news

The road race track in Calgary, Race City, will stay open for business.

Calgary City Council has voted to allow a renewal of the lease for 64 hectares of land occupied by Race City in the southeast corner of the city. The track’s current lease expires next year, and the City wants the land.

City councillor Ric McIver managed to get his council to vote 8-7 in favour of extending the lease, even though the City says it will cost Calgary taxpayers $3 million over the five-year period.

McIvor countered that closing the track would lead to an increase in street racing that could well cost more than that.

Race City is used by the Calgary Motorcycle Roadracing Association for club racing, and for a round in the national Parts Canada Superbike championship series.


  1. From what I have heard, I believe the lease runs until 2025 but it must be renewed every five years. This means Art must submit a letter to the city, before each 5 year term expires, indicating his intentions to renew the lease for another 5 years. This can continue until the end of the lease which is 2025.

  2. It’s a five year lease and that will probably be it. There just isn’t land to be had within many miles of Calgary. They have been looking for a new home and no luck in finding one.

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