Rookie scores at Shannonville


Tremblay leads Sean Huffman (777), Larry Orde (8), Jim Proulx

A cold, wet, thoroughly miserable day at Shannonville Motorsport Park’s final RACE event of the year saw rookie Pro racer Sebastien Tremblay take an amazing second-place in the Pro 600 race, then an even more impressive victory in the Pro Superbike contest — not bad for his first two Pro races!

Tremblay finished second in this year’s National Amateur 600 Sport Bike series, and took top 10 finishes in the RACE Amateur 600 and Superbike series despite getting permission to run as a Pro in this final event.

In the Pro 6 Cycle-sponsored Pro Superbike division for the annual RACE overall championship, Andrew Nelson of Kars, Ontario, took his family-sponsored Yamaha R-1 to the title, wisely taking a safe second behind Tremblay in the treacherous conditions at the final round. Nelson will be wearing the coverted No. 1 plate on his bike in the 2010 season.

Third in the race was rookie Pro Jodi Christie, who took the win and the 600 title in the Parts Canada Pro 600 category. He beat defending No. 1 plate holder Karl Daigle by only seven points on the series.

Vanessa Gareau-Dominguez squeaked out a series win over Natalie-Catherine Provost in the RACE Women’s Class. Gareau’s been riding faster and harder all season, and should be a contender in the overall AM 600 class next season if she continues.

Another young lady took her first race win, as Nicolle Pilkington won the CBR125 race ahead of Loic Viscasillas. Like Gareau-Dominguez, Nicolle’s riding and confidence have increased by leaps and bounds this season, to the point that father Stu has gifted her his Honda 400-4 vintage racer so she can get more track time and competition.


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